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Letuno® platform uses Visible Light Communication (VLC) to allow smart phone users to access location based informational and promotional content shared by a comprehensive network of participating venues using a single mobile application.

With Letuno® different types of indoor venues such as Retailers, Restaurants, Museums, Shopping Malls, Banks, Showrooms, Exhibition Centres etc. will be able to enhance customer experience and create new means to upsell and cross sell their products and services by converting their light fixture into smart ones that uses the visible light to transmit distinctive information and promotional material targeting their customer based on their current location in the venue.

Venues owners will have the capability to easily and securely enter and maintain the content they wish to show to their customer when they are within the light coverage of each luminaire. These content can be in multiple languages and the users will have the capability to easily share the content from the application for any given spot with their friends and family.

Letuno® is a cloud based, multilingual and multitenant platform that also offers a unique and accurate indoor navigation feature and provide the venues owners with the option to offer online interactive customer support to their customers based on their exact current location. Moreover, venue owners can benefit from the platform real-time analytical tools that allow them to create many invaluable insights by analysing floor traffic and user engagement analysis.

With Letuno® we are aiming to improve the life of the people by converting big part of the downlights into smart ones that continuously provide access to useful information and services to users based on their given location.

Sample Use Cases


In Hypermarkets as the shoppers roam around through the isles they can easily get all the details about the items that they are viewing including the features, the latest promotions, discounts, the availability in the wherehouse, ..etc. Consumers will be encouraged to spend more time in the store browsing the different items as they do not feel they are siezing the time of a dedicated store representative. When the shopper is ready to buy, using the letuno® app they can ask for a store attendent to come over to close the sale. The letuno® platform will locate the nearest free store attendent and dispatch him/her to where the shoppoer is. The store attendent will easily locate the inetersted shopper through the attendent version of the letuno® app With letuno® the shopper has enjoyed a much better experience where s/he had plenty of time to browse more items in full privacy without fallining under the pressure of someone accompanying them. For the business owner they will eventualy end up running their store with less headcount while providing an amazing consumer experience.

About Visoin Valley

About Visoin Valley


Showrooms for high end products are another example of where letuno® can add value to the consumer and the showroom owner. Details about these sophisticated products are huge and a customer’s stop to inquire about all the details usually takes long. In the car industry for example, a customer visit usually takes more than one hour using the conventional way of interacting with a showroom attendant. Usually, there is much more than what a shopper could get on the internet like color availability, the latest promotions and special deals. Shoppers can go all the way to experiencing some of the vehicle features while they visualize them through the letuno® app. Shoppers do not have to wait for the availability of an experienced salesman and they do not have to feel pressured that they are taking the time of other clients waiting to be served. For the business owner, they will not hav e to employ the same number of experienced and quite expensive sales people while the experience of their clients will go through the roof.

Exhibitions and events

Exhibitions and events are some of the best places to have letuno® providing informative and way finding content to the visitors. Gone are the days where an event visitor will go out with a bag full of brochures and product flyers. We all know that those costly materials will most likely end up in a wast e bin. Visitors will get all the content needed though their letuno® apps.

About Visoin Valley

About Visoin Valley


For restaurants the use case is even more compelling and the value for the guest as well as the restaurant owner is quite tangible. The letuno® app will provide an interactive menu to the guests where they browse and make their orders once they sit on their tables. No time to wait for menus to be made available. They will also make their orders from their apps and will immediately get an estimated time to serve. In today’s world, a waiter has to be called to make the changes and sometimes this will take long, let alone that you are never sure that the changes will take effect on the order as you would expect them to happen. With letuno® this is all avoided as the consumer will make the changes to the order in a self-service manner and the app will only allow for the changes to happen if your order is yet to be prepared. No room for confusion or frustration as this part of the process will now be done without human interaction. Customers can now also get the menu in their preferred language unlike today’s printed option that offers maximum two languages. Restaurant guest with letuno can always recall all the pervious orders he/she previously placed in this restaurant in case he/she preferred to repeat the same. They will also get a time count down so they know how more they will have to wait. Often times a guest will want to make a change to the order after it is made.


In museums the use case is clear.You don’t need to hire or wait for a tour guide.Based on where you are you will get the relevant content to read. Audi content is also possible and it will not run unless the headphones are connected to preserve the quietness of the museum

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