New Efficiencies in Tank Management

Spectro Tank©

Spectro Tank© is wireless tank monitoring solutions that lets you check fluid levels in multiple tanks, across multiple sites, all from your computer or smartphone for real time access to data you can use to reduce your costs, improve your efficiency fand expand your customer base. As a Spectro Tank© customer you will have 24X7 access to your tanks critical data to make the smartest management decisions. Specifically, Spectro Tank© takes raw data such as tank level, temperature other storage criteria captured from Spectro tank sensors and translates it into actionable information, graphics and maps that agri-business, petroleum, restaurant and a host of other industries can use to drive new efficiencies in storage tank management and overall business operations. Sepctro Tank© enables companies in different sectors including agriculture, fertilizers, oil and gas, water and chemical to successfully monitor their tanks remotely whether they have large bulk storage tanks or small tanks.

Key Features

1. Integrated Sensor

Precision, non-contact ultrasonic sensor.
Easy to install. Up to 5 years’ battery life.
Global 3G/4G compatibility.

2. Reliable

Robust ultrasonic technologies that is cost effective and easy to manage and deploy for one to thousands of tanks runs on enterprise grade cloud services.

3. Always On

Reads levels hourly and reports twice daily.
Alerts sent hourly. All day, every day, all year.

4. Responsive Alerts

Receive unlimited responsive SMS and email alerts on low and high levels and rapid level changes.
Alerts are sent within the hour.

5. Trends and Highlights

Data storage and display to identify liquid level trends, metrics and usage patterns..
Securely share with anyone.

6. Unlimited Support

Processional support is always available during installation, activation and ongoing use of Spectro Tank© Service.

7. Back Office Integration

Spectro Tank© eliminates dual processes by giving our customers the option to integrate their Spectro Tank© monitoring data with their existing back-office applications.

Key Benefits

  • Detect tank level trends automatically before they become critical
  • Spend less time and money in manually inspecting tanks
  • Improve productivity by optimizing your business logistics and operations
  • Reduce trucking expenses,improve service and safety in the field

  • Applications

    Agricultural Water tanks

    It can be stressful not knowing if your stock has enough water, especially during times of high temperature and between water runs. Spectro Tank© helps take the stress out of stock water storage and supply with automated alerts on low or fast falling levels giving farm managers time to take action

    Fuels and Lubricants

    As a fuel supplier, distributor or on-site user, you want to proactively track and manage your fuel assets. Spectro Tank© level monitoring provides near real time intelligence on fuel storage levels enabling optimal logistical planning improving productivity.

    Fertilizers and Chemicals

    Optimize the supply chain between supplier and consumer. Spectro tank© monitoring means all parties can be informed of liquid levels at all times simplifying ordering, logistics/truck rolls, inventory management and auditing.


    Lower operational costs by reducing hours of routine manual tank checking. Efficiently schedule and audit tank refilling. Receive notifications on key tank level events on your phone / email . Add value immediately, without large project overheads and timelines, through this simple, standalone solution, or optionally integrate into your existing operational systems

    About Visoin Valley

    About Visoin Valley

    About Visoin Valley

    About Visoin Valley

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