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Every breakthrough business idea begins with solving a common problem. The bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity

The Challenge

In today’s complex, time-sensitive environment, key challenges include how to trace and track products as they move through the supply chain and how to ensure that food, pharmaceuticals, medical, and other perishable items maintain quality along the supply chain.

The Solution

IoT, which includes embedded sensor technologies to facilitate the digitization of supply chain, offers businesses with increasing opportunities, including digital business planning, digital response and supply, logistics, and supply chain collaboration through data-driven insights, which enable real-time intervention through real-time analytics and insights with a scalable platform.

Key Benefits

The complex and fast-moving nature of the logistics sector makes it an ideal candidate for IoT and data analytics. IoT sensor data helps feed data analysis, providing opportunities for better forecasting, freshness prediction, inventory management, route optimization, and labor management.

1-Improved Operational Efficiency

Through providing timely alerts to supply chain delays, bottlenecks or out-of-tolerance temperature variation, stakeholders will be able to more actively manage exceptions in order to optimize labor and facility planning

2- Reduce waste and Improve Safety

Real-time visibility can promote product integrity by identifying out-of-range temperatures as they occur. Better temperature control results in reduced shrink, more saleable product, and product with a longer shelf life

3-Improved Regulatory Compliance

simplify and automate recordkeeping requirements while reducing the opportunity for human error.

4-New Visibilities

When companies employ IoT upgrades to the cold chain, sensor technology will make locating, monitoring, and addressing errors that were once invisible until the shipment was received by a node or end point on the chain.

Key Features

1- Real-Time Alerts & Notifications

Ultra-wide panoramic screens

24/7 Access and Visibility

Gain continuous and instantaneous access to a state of the art platform which gives you continuous visibility over your assets and allows easy tracing and tracking.

Reports and Analysis

The smart platform collects and analyzes sensors’ data around the clock to provide you with all the reports and analysis that are vital for efficient operations

Simple & Easy to Use

Plug and Play the device and have instant access to a user-friendly platform without worrying about connectivity or any technical issues

Professional Support

At Vision Valley, we understand that IoT can be complex. That’s why we offer enhanced operational support that ensures continuous uptime.

About Visoin Valley

About Visoin Valley

About Visoin Valley

About Visoin Valley

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